How To Join Team Advize!? (Join a Fortnite Clan!) Fortnite Clan RC

How To Join Team Advize!? (Join a Fortnite Clan) (Fortnite Clan RC) #A6RC #RELEASETHEHOUNDS #Fortniteclan

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30 thoughts on “How To Join Team Advize!? (Join a Fortnite Clan!) Fortnite Clan RC

  1. Hey man, I would like to be in Advise as a Scrim Player I am Season 2-10 player (I haven’t been able to play due to a family problem and that which is all solved) I would love to be here and tryout if you have anytime to contact me on my epic it is Supersaiyan503ss (I’m also Ps4) anyways great video on explaining how to join.

  2. Hey Quilly, Im a pub player with over 1,300 wins. Im a decent competitive player, as I used to host my own custom scrims with a fanbase of good players. I hope you guys can notice my RCs,

  3. I am a youtuber and have 350+ subs. I am trying to upload more frequently but lack ideas. I am hoping if I'd be able to join this clan I I'd help the clan and the clan will help me.
    And btw how many players are in this clan?

  4. i have 272 subscribers and average 100-150 views per video (i have videos that get a lot of views on my channel as well) i would like to join as a content creator! my epic is:ItzBmoneyYT
    i am decent at the game, but i feel like i belong as a content creator and not competitive. i have discord too ItzBmoneyYT#1906 (we can talk about it there as well) im not allowed to have twitter or instagram. (thats why i told u my discord) im looking forward to talking with you, and possibly joining the clan.

  5. I wanna grind but it’s too hard hitting solo trick shots I would love to be part of the team more so if there is a side of competitive and trickshotting I would most likley say Trickshotting but overall I would love to be there to help support and grow this clan make it as big as Faze even just hmu when u have time

  6. Hello, my name is Mason I am a young Fortnite player looking for a good org to get into. I am interested but I do not enjoy making montages. if you could just friend me and we can 1v1 but I can definitely make a vid. My epic is Mason FN.

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