How to uninstall Fortnite Battle Royal

38 thoughts on “How to uninstall Fortnite Battle Royal

  1. This launcher was killing my internet and slowing down everything else to a crawl even if the launcher and game wasnt running. As soon as I deleted the launcher my steam games downloaded in like 30 minutes compared to the 8 hours per game. Something fishy about that launcher. Never touching it again.

  2. I guess I did it the hard way… Did that also delete the "Epic Games launcher", too? I hate any program that tries to make it difficult to uninstall.

  3. So… your telling me… I have to UPDATE Fortnite… to UNINSTALL? Ss this what you are saying… do you wannu kno how big the update is for me?? 10.3 Fucking GB! naah im pissed

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