I don’t have upgrade and collection book on Fortnite new BUG


43 thoughts on “I don’t have upgrade and collection book on Fortnite new BUG

  1. Try to doo all Tectorial quest also get to the second page of plankerton It also could be your actual level at the top right you’re only level 19 my brother just unlocked it he’s level 61 we also had that problem not sure how to fix it but I upgraded all my survivors manage all my heroes an got to a level 61

  2. I am literally a level 100 and I don't have it I don't mean to be rude but epic is a million-dollar bass company and should be able to fix a freaking bug and it came out that is causing upgrade and research page to disappear that is so crucial to new players they need to fix it soon

  3. I dont have research tab, expeditions, defenders, and a couple others things, emailed epic twice, bug report several times, no answer, nothing, today the game got updated and of course its not fixed, they were too busy wirh BR, not even suprised, i cant progress the way i should cus i have missing tabs and cant do upgrades

  4. Just telling everyone I have been playing bo4 while waiting for the update for it and I have been checking daily and still haven’t fix it I have no ide if epic will fix it I’m emailed epic about it I’m sent feedback to them still nothing

  5. Thank you I have this as well hopefully it'll work soon but I doubt it'll be soon as epic only cares about the battle royal and doesn't really care about stw but let's hope they fix it soon

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