I hosted an iOS ONLY Tournament for $100 on Fortnite Mobile… (season 3)

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34 thoughts on “I hosted an iOS ONLY Tournament for $100 on Fortnite Mobile… (season 3)

  1. Bugha: we chill asf bros

    SerpentAU: we macro those

    EJ Lad : we expose those

    Jarvis: i aimbot those

    Scoped: we laser those

    SypherPK: i teach those

    NoahsNoahs: we meme those

    Lachy: we epic though

    Nick Eh 30: we wholesome tho

    Ceeday: we miss those uploads

    Sway: we retake those

    Lazarbeam: we yeet those

    Tiko: we fish bros

    Muselk: we broke those

    Kiwiz: we vibing tho

    Mongraal: we sh*t on those

    Fresh: we thicc those

    Dakotaz: we hit those
    Nicks: we shave balls tho
    Randumb:we dumb those

    Daequan: we eat toes

    Ninja: we ban those

    Symfuhny: we edit those

    Hamlinz: we sus bros

    Dellor: we break those

    McCreamy: i snipe those

    Doogan: we pretend those

    Flea: we double those

    Orange guy: we glitch those

    Everybody: WE STAY HOME

    Epic: W E V A U L T T H O S E

    You guys:We subscribe to this guy tho

    (Plz subscribe to me tho)

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