Its finally happening!!! Fortnite mobile (read description)

Yes its finally happening. The long awaited 1,000 subscriber giveaways is happening. Basically all you need to do is subscribe and follow me in twitter to confirm that you are subscribe. Than you can give me your Epic name so I can add you to gift you your items!! But remember if your new to my friends list you need to wait two days bec epic games made it so you need to be in my friends list…

22 thoughts on “Its finally happening!!! Fortnite mobile (read description)

  1. At least your phone works, a20 just can't handle any pub matches, and only rarely the start of a team tumble match. It can run battle lab fine, but it just can't handle the game anymore. It's fine in creative, but just trash if you have too many apps. I only have 11 of my own apps on this phone, and it still can't run fortnite. Not even constant. Unless I get a second phone for media and stuff, then I just can't play mobile. Only creative. I'm glad though I got a Nintendo switch lite. #fixfortniteandroid

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