LEGENDARY DEATHSTALKER: Fortnite Legendary Gun Review

LEGENDARY DEATHSTALKER: Fortnite Legendary Weapon Review
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10 thoughts on “LEGENDARY DEATHSTALKER: Fortnite Legendary Gun Review

  1. You compare it to siege and viper as far as ammo consumption, yet they both use small ammo and this uses medium, the capacity of small is higher then medium so those guns can use more and do the same job.

  2. Nice! That weapon is sweet. I have an epic Deathlance with decent rolls and really enjoy it. I agree that the three round burst weapons are very efficient regarding ammo, and still maintain solid dps. Thanks for the review.

  3. until you made the comment about rocket launchers, my brain was reading -%durability decay as just +durability%.. Im gonna have to do some testing to see at what rate the rpg loses dur per shot and see if the epic i have with 16% durability will last longer than the legendary without

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