There were several new changes to the Season 4 map today in Fortnite, including a brand new landmark. Let’s talk about it!

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26 thoughts on “NEW ANT MANOR LANDMARK IN FORTNITE (Season 4 New Map Changes!)

  1. I love Ant Man. I hope this turns into a giant point of interest. BLACK PANTHER IS NEXT. By the way, I still have a million more videos to come for Season 4, so be sure to turn notifications on, follow my discord ( and follow my Twitter ( to get notifications if YouTube fails to send them! Here's the videos I've done so far:

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  2. Hey tabor Hill, Im a massive marvel fan, Im actually upto date with thor comics and I don't think it's Dr. Strange bringing the new poi, if we relate it to thors comic and also off the leaked comic book covers, you'll see ghost rider in a picture, in the new comic with thor he is referred to as "cosmic rider" and is also a herald of galactics, also we have a fireball power coming to the game for a character starting with "c", oh and ghost rider uses the same magic as Dr. Strange technically

  3. It makes me mad when people refear to the movies when this IS A COMIC CROSS OVER STOP PRETENDING LIKE YOU KNOW MARVEL YOU KNOW THE MOVIEEESSSS NOT MARVEL. don't worry Tabor I still think your AWSOME but it just makes me mad

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