New BOSSES and MYTHIC WEAPONS in the New UPDATE in Fortnite!

New bosses and mythic weapons in the new update in Fortnite! Today we cover leaked skins, vault location, and more in Battle Royale Season 4 chapter 2. These bosses will be found around the map and include ghost rider, spiderman, and captain marvel. They’ll also likely be added to the item shop. Not only that these could play a part in the Nexus War event. And of course there is fun gameplay…

47 thoughts on “New BOSSES and MYTHIC WEAPONS in the New UPDATE in Fortnite!

  1. wait i have a feeling captain marvel is gonna be a boss in fortnite so i can say what her powers are so epic can try and add them
    Captain Marvel's Powers: Photon Blasters its like iron man's and dr. doom's gaunlets it has a cool animation like a punching animation then photon beams came out like two of the gaunlets does 40 damage per hit has a cool animation downside of it cannot fly its not like iron man or dr. doom's gaunlets that can fly and the other one: Power Blaster just like iron man's unibeam but slightly better damage damage:95 it has a cool animation of two hands put together pushing a very powerful blast that teals 95 damage from far away that's it thank you very much pls like this comment i have been thinking so long about these mythic ablilities of captain marvel, i actually searched captain marvel's powers i found photon blast powers of course you have seen the movie captain marvel and the photon blast from capcom vs marvel infinite i just reaaranged what the damge should be and the feautures so thanks for reading this

  2. Are you kidding me bro, 3:06, are you seriously trying to pass the She Hulk fist as a new Mythic….. for real. Then cut the video and start jumping and say that it has a new ability that makes you jump when you clearly ate a candy. You dishonest piece of trash. Im tired of BS and stupid clickbaits. YOU DONT DESERVE 2 MILLION SUBS.

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