*NEW* Popshot Shotgun Weapon Review | 130 Sunbeam | Fortnite Save The World

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25 thoughts on “*NEW* Popshot Shotgun Weapon Review | 130 Sunbeam | Fortnite Save The World

  1. Had you as my Support a Creator for the past month!
    Cannot think of a more deserving guy – keep up the amazing work, Torii.
    You're awesome, my man!

  2. You definitely do not get multiple headshots towards the 6th perk in one shot. The reason you saw that damage increase after one shot is due to the vulnerability stacks all being applied in one shot. How would the game be able to register which pellets hit the target first to be able to count towards the 5 headshots in a row, also the pellets that don’t hit headshots would break that streak instantly. The 6th perk is still quite useless on this weapon unfortunately.

  3. Hey Torii maboii I have a question, have you ever done a review on the Stormblade? I've been looking at your videos and wasn't able to find it bro. Really need to know what perks to put but judging that it's the 'same' as the Founder's sword, probably attack speed?

  4. For anyone still struggling with this use power base with The Onion Build, I watched David Dean's video and one of them used Power Base and so I did the same and it went so well, I got the banner as well after running it again.. It's a lot easier with Outlanders farming and giving you resources for your traps and you focusing on just adding layers upon layers, that way you don't lose traps from propane, and someone doing lobbed shield and you're set.. So easy, I ran with 2 Ninjas in my pug and we still completed over 40 minutes

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