NEW Secret UNDERGROUND BASE Location in Fortnite! (UPDATE)

New secret underground base location in Fortnite! Today we cover update info featuring emotes, a new glitch, and more in Battle Royale season 4 chapter 2. This location could contain a new boss and mythic weapon as well as possible stuff for the Galactus event. It’s hidden under the map at the moment so we’ll see more soon. And of course there’s fun gameplay so enjoy!

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41 thoughts on “NEW Secret UNDERGROUND BASE Location in Fortnite! (UPDATE)

  1. Hey you know how the mecha team leader left?
    What if the mecha team leader comes back to fight galactus.
    Or the sword that the mecha team leader used to defeat the monster had a statue for the handle
    What if the statue of doctor doom at dooms domain aka pleasant Park is the handle of another sword

  2. Hey llama sir I've been having problems with my switch is keep saying error occurred for Rocket League I checked if I had an update but it didn't I turned off my switch and reset it I re-downloaded it three times and still not working it keeps freezing up and then my screen turns black and then it kicks me out and it says error occurred again

  3. The bus stops under the map are where they were before Ironman teleported upstate New York onto the map

    And the building under the authority is I THINK a frenzy farm building

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