NEW Star Wars Squadrons Exclusive Skins + Cinematic is INSANE!

Star Wars Squadrons got an insane new cg short cinematic trailer called Hunted from ILM plus new pre order bonus skins and a fortnite vanguard x wing glider! This channel posts star wars squadrons gameplay, news updates and more. Watch the Star Wars Squadrons gameplay trailer and more on this Squadrons channel.
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46 thoughts on “NEW Star Wars Squadrons Exclusive Skins + Cinematic is INSANE!

  1. If I already preordered through a store (as in not ps4, xbox or pc stores) will I still be getting these new preorder bonuses too? I would think so but Squadrons website words it as if its only through the gaming stores.

  2. Hope they do a Rebel's/New Republic version as well.

    Don't know if anyone else noticed this, but I think that X-Wing was painted like Saw's Partisans. If so It would explain the ruthlessness the pilot showed.

  3. if you think about it, it's also probably where we see why both squads need a replacement pilot: the Tie Bomber that was destroyed could've been Titan and the X-Wing agitator could've been from Vanguard. and with both pilots dead, that's where the two playable leads come in.

  4. I want to pre order but Iโ€™m scared that it will be bad like when battle front 2 come out I donโ€™t wonโ€™t it to be bad first then later on it becomes good

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