News Reporter says kids CAN'T PLAY Fortnite For More than 20 Minutes a day…

Once again the News have made another Report on Fortnite. This time with an ‘Expert’ Who says kids should only be allowed to play for a maximum of 20 Minutes!

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49 thoughts on “News Reporter says kids CAN'T PLAY Fortnite For More than 20 Minutes a day…

  1. Guys i KNOW there's a fair few ads on this one but hear me out.
    1. It's a 30 Minute video cmon man.
    2. Ads give me money so i can pay my rent and considering i'm about to move i could use the extra $ lol.
    3. There's YT Premium, buy it and you get no ads simple.
    4. Pls don't roast me i really like eating and paying my bills and i can't do that without ads.

  2. I like how when we get news story's like these, they act like real life is so much safer then a virtual world. like there isn't knife wielding homeless people trying to get in your pants.

  3. Why the hell is the recommended age 15+ when I’m a 13 year old and my parents are fine with me playing it. Btw if lil kids can’t play fortnite than why are they playing other games like pubg and rainbow six seige honestly wtf

  4. I’m a old school kind of a guy and I think kids need to get out and enjoy life a lot more instead of sitting on the game most the day, but there is nothing wrong with video games as long as your kids not on it for hours every day

  5. 6 year olds play call of duty but noooooooobody cares, a good game (fortnite) comes out and they go off their fucking head because it’s super successful and they are too jealous with their 200 dollar celery, fucking disgraceful

  6. Conservatives have always defended freedom of speech and these fucking liberals want to shut down all video games. Almost any work of art is allowed under freedom of speech, video games are one of these arts.

  7. As someone who plays lots of fortnite and used to play footy I couldn’t tell you about a single person who’s been hurt by playing fortnite. In football kids get badly injured like fuck me fortnite in moderation aka a couple of hours a day at most is fine. In 10+ hours agreed it’s not the best but a few hours doesn’t hurt anybody

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