Ninja was extremely angry to find out pro players ONLY received a 60 day ban for CHEATING in a TOURNEY while FaZe Jarvis was permanently banned for cheating once in a public match.

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40 thoughts on “NINJA *ANGRY* JARVIS BAN was PERMANENT after PROS get LESS PUNISHMENT! – Fortnite

  1. What Epic did to Jarvis was FAIR.
    Just because he was a content creator or rich doesn't mean he gets special treatment ffs.He got banned like any cheater would and that's that.

  2. imagine having the audacity to PERMABAN someone for using a cheat in a game that will only affect their stats on stat trackers by ONE NUMBER… But someone has the chance to win THOUSANDS of dollars.. But thats just 60 days… Literally life changing money which someone might NEED for them or their family and they just go free after 2 MONTHS because they teamed………… So FUCKING stupid

  3. Honestly, I like Ninja. Yeah, he's done some questionable things but nothing to major to the point were he should go to Hell. Unlike everyone else I actually seek the good and bad, and I've seen alot of good from Ninja. Most of the people (NOT EVERYONE) who hate Ninja are confirmation biased (only here things that appeal to their opinions and use that against them without checking both side)

  4. Cheating in a public game is nothing but teaming in a tournament is serious and totally unfair like Jarvis didn’t deserve this he should atleast get banned on that account not freaking IP banned that’s crazy just for using aim bot and fortnite should unban him like fortnite blew up for big people and one is Jarvis and I think they should unban him

  5. Look at all of u guys saying unban jarvis , hes a fucken cheat he ruined a game , who cares if the game was free or not , this is what u get for fucken cheating, but when someone else cheats all of u get mad at cheater and want that guy banned but when some fuck tard called jarvis cheats u want to suck him off and get him unban like i dont get it ?? 😂😂

  6. That’s what I said bro why would they banned Jarvis for life 💀 and he was in a solo game a public game! And gets banned and this kids be hacking in a tournament and they get banned for 60 days I’m done💀 epic wtf is u thinking

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