Ninja QUITTING Now!?.. Is Fortnite Actually Done?

Ninja and SypherPK QUITTING Now!?.. Is Fortnite FINALLY Done?

Ninja and SypherPK quitting Fortnite?? Here is what Sypher said and why is Ninja STILL not streaming or posting ANY new Fortnite content? Nickmercs already quit, Tfue quit, is Fortnite dying or will Epic Games be able to save it?? Let me know what you think down below

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39 thoughts on “Ninja QUITTING Now!?.. Is Fortnite Actually Done?

  1. I played Right when it dropped, i've gotten every umbrella including the season 1 maco. I tried to get the newest season's umbrella but just can't. Top 2 3 for 3 times and you get killed by some sweat on a 15 kill streak. It's cringe that people still take it so seriously. It was dead in season 5.

  2. For my opinion I just like to say this to all the pros is PC is so hard it would take someone months or years to get good and almost everyone is a sweat and it just isn't the same anymore same goes for Xbox and PS4 now with cross platform between console's you can't play a match without it and if you play sqauds or duos a controller player can hook up their keyboard and mouse and if there a god then everyone is at a disadvantage and it's hard to enjoy the game with mates without a PC player sweat information on a PS4 server and some will say excuses excuses and for some people there ok with this and for me I'm a good player I'm good a building but not edits or attacking and my aim is average and for most people like the ones in the video not to Disrespect but in the old times they had high kills and lots of wins while people struggled to make to top 50 and when everyone got better and everyone was good and they didn't get high kills they left to play a game with a not so Player base So they can get high kills to show off on their videos for me thats what I think

  3. Who cares bro. Its a game. Have some fun. Its still fun. They just played it to much. I don't care if they don't play or not .. If fortnite stayed the same and didn't change it up.. I'd get bored and then I'd quit playing.. I wished they changed the map and my wish came true. Ninja has been playing it for ages so of course he's sick of it

  4. What Fortnite needs to do is get rid of sbmm in public matches, if u want sbmm just play Arena mode, they need to add 200 players because the map now is way bigger, and get rid of all the Ai bots.

  5. I quitted fortnite for apex legends and cod warzone because fortnite is boring and sweaty and i can't enjoy or even have fun. I had 850vbucks so i gifted my best friend who loves fortnite the shimmer specialist skin

  6. i never got the appeal of the game since day one.. The fighting is so tiresome. Like you can actually sneak up on a player and shoot him a few times and the next thing you know he is hidden in a skyscraper he build in 2 seconds with 3 layers of walls protecting him. Then you can't even engage near the edge of the zone because the fight will take too long if you both have a lot of mats. As soon as everyone learned to build fast they should have changed something. Build offs are not fun.

  7. I think the game becoming competitive is what killed the game, hear me out, some games were meant to be competitive like csgo or r6. Fortnite just wasn’t meant for that and they pushed that onto everyone, all the new box up metas and all the balancing changes. It’s like they couldn’t decide between being competitive or casual, all the op stuff would’ve actually been fun if it wasn’t for the competitive scene like planes, and mechs.

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