OFFICIAL NEWS + LEAKS: Ventures Rewards, Modifiers and Biome! | Fortnite Save the World | TeamVASH

In this video I share the homebase status report and more in Fortnite Save the World

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43 thoughts on “OFFICIAL NEWS + LEAKS: Ventures Rewards, Modifiers and Biome! | Fortnite Save the World | TeamVASH

  1. So many bugs in this game. Mantis Leap failed for some reason in a mission. It wouldn't be so bad if the mission load and return times weren't so long. The reporting feature itself is broken on PS4: "I Know This Player" is automatically checked and you cannot deselect it, and there is no option to report a bug with the reporting feature. They don't care.

  2. Okay, so few simple questions: To get the superchargers to further level up your guns, heroes and survivors, you just gotta level up in venture mode right? Like reach certain levels. That easy? Just gotta find is all right? Also, the only way to get stronger is leveling up? And to get weapons, all you can do is find them right on the map or the vending machines? Pretty sure but I'm want to make sure I'm not missing out on being able to craft guns somehow or level up faster/make my character stronger and faster.

  3. So do we get superchargers from the questline like before? If not, we have to play more for the same rewards as last time just they were put in venture lvl rewards instead of quest rewards

  4. I love how you were in your early videos "This: Gaaarbage ! That, pfff, GARBAGE ! This one …. Gar-Bage !!", and now "This is freaking awesome. And that , it's totally awesome too. Owww man we are in for a treat Dusk is back !"
    I wonder what the old you would make of this video ? 😉
    Old STW player and still playing. Get those subs dude your dream is near, hoping it's not a mirage and really brings you all the treat you deserve for your hard work and radical change. People thinking it's easy to change haven't done it yet so congrats, you did it.
    Stay safe and keep it onnnn. Owh yea.

  5. Been using dragon slash build, its great with new modifier

    I'd also reccomend a paleo Luna or Corrosive strikes build but I currently don't got any great weapons to make best of it

  6. Wanna know why this game is going to fail miserably? Because you have people level up all these crazy weapons but KEEP PUTTING EVENTS IN THE GAME THAT DONT ALLOW YOU TO USE THEM!!!! It’s like they are looking for the worst possible way to entice people to keep grinding. This game is a failure based on what it could have been.

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