The BEST New Update Of Fortnite Season 7! (Fortnite New Weapon + Gameplay Changes)

In this video today we’re gonna be going over the newest major update in Fortnite, content update 7.10 #3. Now, what’s interesting about this update, is that usually content updates in Fortnite are fairly underwhelming. It’s normally just 1 weapon/item added to the game along with very minimal, if any, balance changes or bug fixes. But, that is far from the case with content update 7.10 #3….

45 thoughts on “The BEST New Update Of Fortnite Season 7! (Fortnite New Weapon + Gameplay Changes)

  1. The suppressed sniper is my favorite and I believe it is the best. The heavy is just too slow for me, and the damage on the suppressed is good enough, plus the suppressor can be very useful

  2. Wtf this guy isnt even aiming himself. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. I know controllers need aim assist, but this aint assist man. This is straight up aim bot.

  3. I like the new sniper. But they either need to make it pop up more. Or add more damage to shots. Because most people will tend to take 50 cal over it. I’d even take an epic bolt action over it.
    I think they have to take planes out. End of story. I like the reduction in dynamite spawns. But could still use some buffs. Not sure what would help it out at this point

  4. Whoever is saying redeploy needs to be removed from planes, other than when it’s destroyed, is obviously not very smart. Redeploy was one of the best features and it was making the game more fast paced and fun

  5. Weird. Last time I checked the silences sniper is the fastest reload time sniper in the game. Not including the trash hunting rifle. It doesn’t give away your position. As long as you hit head shots it has the same effect as any other sniper. One shot one kill. I’ve played with it and I think it’s op. Being a pc player and that hitting headshots is not difficult. But console players are always gonna blow at sniping so I can see why you don’t like it. As you can barely hit a body shot you need that extra 45 to the body damage. Your one of the better console players btw. No hate intended. Just facts.

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