The Black Panther Update, Monument, Skin, Chapter 1 POIs RETURNING!

Fortnite Black Panther Update – Monument, Skin, and Chapter 1 POIs RETURNING is what we discuss today!

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34 thoughts on “The Black Panther Update, Monument, Skin, Chapter 1 POIs RETURNING!

  1. Thanks for watching! Late night upload discussing the Fortnite Black Panther POI. What are your thoughts on the Chapter 1 POIs returning? There was a leak that came out right after I uploaded discussing the possible return of Anarchy Acres (via HYPEX). We will talk more about that when I am back from my trip on Friday. Be sure to subscribe, so that you do not miss any news! Previous video: All Things 14.10 –

  2. hey rusher i wanted to let you know that many people including me have found in game an orb which is apparently going to come to the game
    it is an orb like shield surrounding frenzy farm and some smaller places
    this must have been a glitch in game

  3. Im a Mega Marvel fan, and personally, this is awesome. I've been a fan of fortnite since season 3 and I've been a Marvel fan since I was born, and I've been reading comics for a few years. Its just so awesome how it connects. And to all of the people mad, it's not like it screws anything up. It fits in. So stop whining and trying to ruin the experience for others.

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