The *END* of Fortnite… (LIVE EVENT)

Fortnite LIVE event – Is this the END…?
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29 thoughts on “The *END* of Fortnite… (LIVE EVENT)

  1. What Are The Next Marvel Skins
    Answer: Well we know Venom is coming out, but what about the rest of the heroes hinted at?
    I think that the Last Marvel skin will probably be Captain Marvel.
    She could be released before the live event just like cyclone was released before the live event in the previous season!
    well they might be released in a different season. On a financial stand point releasing SpiderMan wouldn’t make sense since he is such a big super hero!
    Black Panther is a different story. He could be released with Captain Marvel before the live event. Or he could have been canceled since Chadwick (Black Panther in the MCU) died. Don’t take that personally please. R.I.P Chadwick T-T. Anyway that’s it

  2. Hulk,dr strange, superman,flash,black panther, and someone that's an OG character in fortnite maybe I'm pushing it but those other 7 might be the justice league 🤔🤔🤔😏👀👀

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