The Fortnite vs Apple Lawsuit Is GETTING WORSE…

The Fortnite vs Apple legal battle is getting worse! In this video, I’m showing you new information that has come up over the past few days regarding the Apple and Epic Games lawsuit. Apple and Epic Games have made it clear that they don’t want to settle, so we’re going to have to wait and see what happens next!

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37 thoughts on “The Fortnite vs Apple Lawsuit Is GETTING WORSE…

  1. Personally I think epic is in the wrong. Sure it's unfair to take 30%, however it's apple's platform. That was the rules, if they didnt want to pay the 30% they shouldnt have put it on the store.

  2. Honestly Epic is in the right, Apple taking 30% of profits is a lot, so you can't live off your earnings if you're a small game developer. Apple makes so much money from everyone and it's scummy that they need to be in a lawsuit with one of their biggest money producers. Hopefully epic wins, I don't see why this is even a lawsuit anymore.

  3. 2:18 if you want to skip the intro and the gameplay

    Btw Ben i recommended you put gameplay after the information part of the video.
    It was an idea i took inspiration what campingrusher did with his video.
    Get to the point of the title and then end with your gameplay. 👍🏻

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