The LEAKED Mythics Coming to Fortnite Season 4…

Today we’re discussing the leaked Mythic Items coming soon to Fortnite Season 4!
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29 thoughts on “The LEAKED Mythics Coming to Fortnite Season 4…

  1. as an og player since season 3 from the old map… this game is just so far from the roots of what it used to be… mythic stuff is ruining this game way to op, its not even fortnite anymore… thors hammer needs to go… all these green glowing ball weapons need to go.. what happened to just crankin 90s and hitting shots… nope can break your box from the sky with a hammer and 1 shot you… really fun times out here…. henchmen? marauders? adds to insult… we want to face real players not have constant distractions from AI.. like i said… game is far from what it used to be.. miss the old vibes ..

  2. I have thought of ghost rider abilities already one being able to summon his bike and another his chain which swings and destroys builds and yeah does quite a bit if damage also the bike has a cool down and a sertain amount of time also I'm sure there are loads ofarvel characters that would use a rocket launcher

  3. I hope they add more Mythics this season. They are fun to use and I enjoy any and all new weapons, at least in the beginning. I hope they add more and I hope they are awesome. Great vid bro

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