The Little Black Mermaid – Fortnite Battle Royale

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48 thoughts on “The Little Black Mermaid – Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. God we have a lot in common

    We both like the little mermaid

    We both like purple

    We both use the balloon bus

    We both bought starfish

    We take long breaks

    But we’re not the same race


  2. always fun watching you you are an inspiration and i hope that you do well in the future you have inspired me to start making my own gaming content

  3. Come on marcel please play at least two or one videos a week with nogla, moo, Terorriser and delirious or even omerecker and cartoonz I know you like fortnite but just please try it out and your gonna say Yu played minecraft with the gang but you sort to had join them also if your reading this can you make delirious, cartoonz, ohmwrecker, gorillaphint and squirrel. ( stop saying I spelling stuff wrong I know I’m )

  4. when i was little i also loved the little mermaid because i thought she was cute but every time she kissed the prince this would be my face ???? then i would say(how could this happen to me I've made my mistake got nowhere to run)

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