The New LAVA LEGENDS PACK in Fortnite..

NEW LAVA LEGENDS PACK Skin Gameplay in Fortnite Battle Royale. This video shows off the ALL NEW Skins that come with THE LAVA LEGENDS PACK. Lava Legends Pack includes MOLTEN BATTLE HOUND Skin, MOLTEN VALKYRIE Skin, MOLTEN CRESTED CAPE Backbling, MOLTEN VALKYRIE WINGS Backbling and LAVAWING Glider.

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32 thoughts on “The New LAVA LEGENDS PACK in Fortnite..

  1. Dose any one know if this pack is coming to back to Fortnite as I went to pick it up but it wasn’t there an don’t under stand why it’s been took out this qick let me know if any one has info on it thanks

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