The Wealthiest Pro in Fortnite and It's Not Even Close

A long overdue video as @Bugha and some of his major deals became public following his infamous @Fortnite World Cup victory which not only brought him a $3 million prize but has continued to bring him multi-million dollar deals, all at the age of just 17 years old.

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43 thoughts on “The Wealthiest Pro in Fortnite and It's Not Even Close

  1. The wealthiest pro ends up being the most toxic and hateful player not surprised after winning the world cup he changed dramatically and not in good way he's just being paid to be toxic to all players especially to console players

  2. His life is set. Fuck doing anything else, if his parents got him set up in modest investing, or property rental or something, those funds would cover all future living expenses and he could just live off his winnings till he died.

  3. It obviously takes skill and a shit ton of luck. Put it this way, Battle Royales are so fucking RNG based that ANYONE can win. Anyone with skill per say. You can be the best player in the game with building and aim, but if you don’t got luck on your side, you won’t get the good guns, meds, shields, etc.

  4. I said this when he won and people were discussing the absurd amount of tax he had to pay. The biggest part of winning a world cup isn't the prize money itself, the name recognition and status that he gains is what's gonna earn him the big bucks

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