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23 thoughts on “TROLLING NOOBS WITH THE BALLER! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. 5 year old kids be like: Sypher said he wish he had a controller so he could shoot a guy behind the tree :O Controller is too OP it's shooting people without holding it :O

  2. Why is Syper always in a box .. ? ? Because he’s smart! He plays smarter … not harder. ? I like it ! ???
    Your my favorite fortnite streamer ! You beast! ?? And modest… that’s what I like the most.
    Nickeh30, is also modest..
    I’m only subbed to you two guys ?
    No ninja, tfue or any1 else … they r too cocky and douchey ?‍♂️?
    I’m subbed to Alia! I like his content. He’s my favorite YouTuber, but ur definitely better at the game than him of course .. ?‍♂️

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