What's UNIQUE About BLADE?! REACTIVE TEST | Before You Buy (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Here is gameplay of the new BLADE skin! It came in a bundle, which came with a back bling, tool, glider and emote! The Sword of the Daywalker tool and back bling equip and un-equip together as a back bling/tool combo! We also provided gameplay of the new Dayflier glider and Daywalker’s Kata emote, enjoy!

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39 thoughts on “What's UNIQUE About BLADE?! REACTIVE TEST | Before You Buy (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. Pleasee give me a battle pass😭 i really need one . Im a default and my username is : ssniperwolf089 if u give me a battle pass ill be so happy, very happy ! ✨💗

  2. Yo can 14 of y'all help me out pls. if I could get 15 people to join this v buck discord server I'll get a ton a v bucks so that I can buy this skin. y'all can leave whenever I just need to get 14 more people to join it if interested join my discord them message me so that I can invite y'all to the v buck server on discord https://discord.gg/JfkRua

  3. Wow….people really look if a skin messes with their aim or if it affects building that is beyond the sweatiest thing I've ever seen and he doesn't know the name of the infinity blade? Nor does he know the animation set came from save the world?

  4. Uh the first blade movie was in 1998, not the 80's and there's 3 with a reboot coming out in 2022. I looked it up cause I remember watching the movies in the early 2000s and don't remember much either since it's been a while, but I remember that they were good. Second one was actually directed by Guillermo del Toro who's one of my favorite directors!

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