Today we are going to be talking about when Fortnite chapter one might return. Like I said in the last video. Fortnite chapter one is so iconic that it has to return somehow. But let’s get into this.

Theory one is that chapter one will return next season. To me…

10 thoughts on “When Will The FORTNITE CHAPTER 1 MAP RETURN?

  1. What they should do is bring back the chapter 1 map after chapter 2 ends, that makes the most since. However, I think they should also create a new map for chapter 3. Then, they should rotate the two maps every few hours in chapter 3. The chapter 3 map would be the one where the storyline continues on, while the chapter 1 map stays the same and is left unchanged. I think this would make the most since and be the best option for fortnite going forward

  2. I feel like they shouldn't bring back the chapter 1 map until the sweats evade off, and I think the is epics first stance to make the sweats leave is the cars. Yes, I am fine with ranked, but give it its own map honestly. Everyone wants the nostalgic feeling of 80% shooting and 20% building. Not 100% sweating and 200% building ya know?

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