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  1. Epic: were vaulting nades and bringing back clinger
    Community: Okay
    Epic: Were talking away health per kill and adding back 999 mats
    Community: Smashes everything and says rude stuff

  2. I think Epic is correct, health/mats per kill made Fortnite much more aggressive from my experience. Epic is looking out for new players and I applaud them for doing that. Epic was nice enough to add health/mats for kills into a separate mode. I don't think players give Epic enough praise for trying their best to level the playing field for all player types.

  3. Yes while shields and mats for kill was fun ever since that update I’ve noticed a huge skill gape in fortnite when they dropped that update I didn’t get a win until it was removed because it did force aggressive behavior and rewarded it I just didn’t find it fun while most people would just say get good some of us have a life outside of this game and don’t wanna sweat for money and while yes I ply this game a lot I still understand it for the older players with jobs that don’t revolve around fortnite and the younger players who have school and just play because they want to have simple fun So stop complaining and look at who they did this update for not
    Everything is about the sweats

  4. This is why you need skill based match making. The average player cant play this game because the skill gap is humongous. I have worked on my game to be much better but as I have gotten better that gap has stayed the same because the others have gotten better as well. The skill gap really makes this game suck. I have just returned after a 3 months with no fortnite because I got so sick of getting bitch slapped. The average gamer doesnt have 50hrs a week to devote to the game. And lets get real sweats love playing the game to get a 20 bomb killing mostly no skill newbs. We need some balance to make the game fun for all not just the elite players/pros/sweats who are devoting their life to the game. Just feels a lot like the NBA playing basket ball with high school kids dunking on their asses and putting up huge numbers. How do you keep the high school kids coming back and enjoying playing. Not sure what the answer is but I certainly would like to play others with similar skill and as I get better play with better talent as well.
    Oh yah by the way removing siphon pissed me off too! Come on EPIC wtf!

  5. Y’all so fucking retarted how the hell yalll think y’all was playing at first this shit wasn’t always in the game they still got it in the game y’all just wanna prey on the weak & shit to make y’all feel like y’all better than everybody else tf y’all know y’all gone get that ass whooped in arena mode fuck outta hear

  6. What if you don't find any heales? What if someone third party you? What is the point of getting a kill if you don't get rewarded? In my opinion this should be only for competitive matches, and the syphon mode on the normal matches, because it is fun.

  7. Yesterday i was playing solos to complete challenges and didnt fight anyone the entire game and realised there were only 10 people left so i camped until there were 3 people left. They were having a massive build fight so i built a base. I then realised i was out of mats and it was down to the top 2. The last player boxed himself in and edited and i got him with a pump and won the game. He definatly deserved to win and probably would have if he got the health from the other guy.

  8. the bad thing about fortnite now is that if you are a noob it will be very hard to win even more than in season 2-6 even more than SEASON 7
    eventually they might quit because they can't win i'm just happy i'm a season 4 player

  9. Epic removed health and sheild per kill and mats beacuse apex is dead they only added it because apex and kinda taking over now apex is officially dead they removed it

  10. Players like me are in the worst position here. I play 1 to 3 hrs a day of fortnite and I am not an incredible player but I loved the siphon. You may ask why I am in the worst position here. Well this is why. I am not good enough to compete in tournaments and stuff like arena. So the absolute bots of this game are happy because they don’t have people coming after them every second and the better players go to play tournaments. Where am I? Stuck playing boring pubs. This game is broken, we need a fix.

  11. I think that Fortnite Battle Royale needs to actually become FORTnite as in you should be able to build a fort that can not be easily destroyed or infiltrated, and should be defendable. I think the way around this would be to make a new item that you can place that will create a force field that grants your fort extra health so that it can be built to last longer. But an enemy can step into your force field and enable the force fields attack mode which will disable building for both parties. Which means defenders will have to try and defend what they have and attackers cannot easily build over to the top of the fort. Attackers should not be able to easily destroy the fort unless they disable the forcefield generator, but I think that pickaxes should be more effective and be able to tear down builds with three critical hits. But I think that the force field generator should be easy to deactivate by two hits of a pickaxe and when deactivated it should take a way fifty percent of all the builds health but renable building for attackers and defenders. I feel like epic has tried many LTMs to try and encourage building forts instead of intraversable builds to get high ground but have failed as forts are easily destroyed or over taken and take alot of harvesting to build. I just really want a way to build a fort and not have it crumble to bits or climbed over in seconds.

  12. I’m a sweat and I still play solo and destroy the casual players regardless of shields per kill or not. Removing the siphon features just made the community upset and isn’t helping out noobs at all.

  13. I keep fucking dying I can’t ever fucking have fun so much damn sweats and whenever I kill someone I’m left at like 20 health and then I die add this shit back epic!

  14. The game was way to sweaty and it was hard to play casually, the siphon changes are still in the ranked mode. Sweats ruined the game for casuals and now the sweats can play in the ranked mode and the casuals can play in solos.

  15. Lobby’s are also super sweaty cause all the bots just go to team rumble or the other LTM ‘s, epic should just have LTM’s once in a while so all the bots start going back to solos duos and squads

  16. Great video with so many great points! I hope the community build up enough voices to bring Fortnite back to when it was fun. 500 mats cap and health for kill. All I play now is arena because regular games you hit trees the whole game and there is not meds/shields.

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