Will the Old Map Come Back? ft. Ninja – Fortnite Season 4

Today Ninja and I discuss if the old map should actually be reintroduced or not.. If you enjoyed, help us get to 1.1 million subs!

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25 thoughts on “Will the Old Map Come Back? ft. Ninja – Fortnite Season 4

  1. me and i know a lot of controller players who dont even use it kinda fucks us over because in some way we have a better control unless u hundred percent skilled like u sypher but in my head i kinda say its useless

  2. The whole Marvel "thing" has wrecked a once skillful game and turned it into a "rock/scissors/paper game" where finding ANYTHING useful is TOTALLY ruled by the RN Jesus! PC players and their key binds, macros and mouse aiming, has absolutely no right to play with console players who have to SEQUENTIALLY scroll through options to change weapons, find build units, and don't get me started on "editing" units! BLOODY IMPOSSIBLE in melee situations! Watching PC players jump, change weapons AND prepare to build in time it takes me to POINT MY F'ing GUN!…. and hit the ground building THREE Stories in the time it takes me and my Xbox controller to select my first wall is not just frustrating, … I SERIOUSLY cannot think of a reason WHY I should continue to play! This is UNBELIEVABLE imbalance, that Epic SHOULD have considered fixing!
    I suggest slowing ALL building down to a crawl, by only allowing a unit to be placed once the previous unit has been COMPLETED! Editing a unit should also be slowed the same way. Reloading a weapon takes time, and so too should placing building units! I'm all for the creative and accessibility benefits of building, but at the moment, building is BROKEN!
    As for Marvels involvement, Epic have created a MESS, with there being a lottery as to who gets which "epic"/"mythic" Superpower. Very often the final 5 or 6players are decided by who has a Superpower or who has collected the most! Superpowers are SO Super that rarely can a "normal" player win!…. or even HOPE to win!
    This isn't entertainment! It's ritualised ABUSE! … and very few Youtubers have addressed this, or even passed their observations back to Epic! This makes them Complicit in this "abuse", and to watch GROWN Youtubers squealing like little children about the way they "dominate" the lobbies, is unpleasant at best, and downright UGLY most of the time! Self indulgent and SELF OBSESSED!
    WHERE is the instruction and "you too can do this" generosity of spirit?
    To Epic, SLOW THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE DOWN, and make this about SKILL and NOT about "super weapons" and who has the better platform! (unless, you are going to split PC players and consoles?… which any sane person would have told you from the start, was the better way to do things!)

  3. I just want everything back to how it was before the black hole like legit everything cuz itโ€™s not even Fortnite anymore and itโ€™s literally GTA cuz of how realistic it is instead of cartoony and cuz of the vehicles, on Twitch itโ€™s literally just Arena and try hards and when I go into regular matches thereโ€™s now AI bots again instead of real life people try hards, and mostly all the big Fortnite YouTubers and Streamers quit

  4. The next gen XBOX was advertised at 120 fps, not 144. But, at that point, aim assist will be nerfed to compensate. Aim assist is design to assist your aim on consoles because you are playing at 60 fps.

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